A buyer's guide to choosing the best porcelain tiles for walls

A buyer's guide to choosing the best porcelain tiles for walls

Well known for their aesthetic and outstanding durability, porcelain wall tiles are a great choice if you're looking for practical tiles for high-traffic areas, such as a bathroom or a kitchen. Not only does porcelain cope well with heavy usage, but it's also resistant to moisture and offers a low-maintenance solution; ideal as both a floor tile and wall tile material.

In this guide, we'll look at which rooms porcelain wall tiles work well in, what shapes work best, how to choose the right colour, and what to look for when selecting good porcelain tiles.

What are the different popular locations for porcelain wall tiles?

With their durability and aesthetic charm, porcelain tiles are a versatile indoor and outdoor choice, setting them apart from many other tiles. Let's take a look at the popular areas where porcelain tiles shine, and the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing them.


If you decide to tile a bathroom wall, it is important to consider a material that can withstand humidity and water. With porcelain's low porosity, this bathroom wall tile material ensures longevity and minimal water absorption.

Depending on the bathroom's design, porcelain tiles can be used for shower walls, wet room walls, feature walls and splashbacks, with each location potentially influencing tile choice.

Fired Earth have a long history of working with designers to create beautiful tile patterns. Our collaboration with Bert & May has produced enchanting porcelain tile designs that are both practical and long-lasting.

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The kitchen is the heart of many homes, alongside heavy traffic, spills, and splatters. When tiling a kitchen wall, consider highly durable materials, as well as aesthetically pleasing. With kitchens being high-traffic areas, the robust nature of porcelain tiles ensures longevity. Porcelain's resistance to common kitchen stains, such as sauces, oils, and drinks, safeguards its pristine look.

One style to consider is tiling a kitchen splashback. Splashbacks are most commonly located behind hobs, cooktops, sinks and the lower part of the wall between the counter and any wall-mounted cupboards or shelves. Often tiled, a splashback protects walls from splashes and spills when cooking, whilst creating a beautiful statement piece in the kitchen. Porcelain tiles are ideal for these, as they are easy to clean, and provide both practical protection and an aesthetic enhancement.

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Kelly Hoppen kitchen splashback wall tile

Known for her talent for elevating neutrals, Kelly Hoppen has collaborated with Fired Earth to produce a range of porcelain wall and floor tiles. These wall tiles are perfect shades to mix and match or use as a feature kitchen splashback.

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Unlike many other tiles, porcelain's durability allows you to use them outdoors. Although most commonly seen on patios and terraces, porcelain wall tiles offer a great option when creating decorative garden spaces. This includes customising an outdoor kitchen area or even creating a great feature wall.

For external use, porcelain tiles work well in varying weather conditions, ensuring they perform well and look great. Make sure you choose tiles that are suitable for outdoor use.

Find out more about outdoor living with our useful guide, or be inspired to use tiles in your garden.

What is the best shape for porcelain wall tiles?

When considering porcelain tiles for walls, it's important to think beyond aesthetics and take practical considerations into account. While porcelain tiles can undeniably enhance wall aesthetics, it's important to consider the weight of the tiles, which may be affected by their shape and size. Popular shapes include squares, mosaics, and hexagon tiles.

Larger tiles bring a sense of continuity and seamlessness to a space, minimising visible grout lines. This can make a room feel more expansive and unified. However, there's a flip side to using larger tiles. They will be heavier and, in some cases, might prove too much for certain wall structures. It's essential to ensure that the wall can bear the weight of large tiles before opting for them.

Also, think about the total number of tiles needed based on the wall's area. This is not just to calculate cost, but also to understand the overall visual effect and practical implications of tile size and number. Here are some of the most popular tile shapes:

Tile Shape


  • Offer a consistent shape and finish that can be easily
  • Symmetrical design makes them a popular choice for both homeowners and designers alike.
  • Provide a neat, uniform look in any space.
Nina Campbell square tile

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  • Varying patterns and layouts, whatever the style of the room.
  • Elongated shapes can give the impression of more space in a room.
  • Vast design possibilities, ranging from traditional brick patterns to more intricate herringbone designs.
Milos range rectangle tile

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  • Popular brick effect appearance.
  • Arranged in many patterns, you can create unique wall features.
South Cliff metro tile

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Fired Earth sells a wide range of porcelain tiles that can be used for both the floor and walls. Our tiles come in a variety of looks, including stone effect and wood effect tiles; more practical than using natural materials.

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Choosing the right colour for porcelain wall tiles

As with floor tiles, when it comes to colours, porcelain wall tiles come in a hugely diverse palette. Patterned tiles offer an array of designs and can come in single or multiple colours, making them perfect for those who seek a statement wall. Neutral or grey tiles, on the other hand, can give a serene and timeless look, easily blending with varied interiors. For those looking to add vibrancy, bright colours can invigorate a space and infuse it with energy.

If you're uncertain about which colour or design to choose, Fired Earth has a bespoke design service to help visualise how the porcelain wall tiles will look in a given space. This service offers ideas you might not have considered and helps you make informed choices that align with your taste and the room's aesthetics.

Find out more about our design service here.

How do I choose good porcelain tiles for walls?

We've explored why porcelain wall tiles are a popular choice, but selecting the right porcelain tile is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The quality of the material: High-quality porcelain ensures longevity, is resistant to wear and tear, and can better withstand moisture, which is crucial in areas like bathrooms or kitchens. So, investing in good quality tiles enhances the aesthetics and ensures long-term performance.
  • Colour scheme in the home: The tiles should complement the overall colour scheme of your home. The right colour can change the feel of a room, making it feel spacious, cosy, or luxurious.
  • Finding a reputable tile supplier: As with any home renovation, sourcing materials from a reputable supplier is paramount. A trustworthy tile supplier will provide quality products, offer guidance on installation, and help with any after-sales queries.

At Fired Earth, we offer a wide range of high-quality porcelain tiles, and our team of experts are always ready to guide you through the selection process. We offer a bespoke design service that can help when you're choosing wall tiles, be they porcelain or hand-made. Our products are authentic, and we have collaborated with a number of well-known designers.

While choosing porcelain tiles for walls might seem like a daunting task, considering the factors mentioned above will make the process smoother. If you're in doubt or need expert advice, consider reaching out to us – as our porcelain tile experts are always willing to help!

Contact Fired Earth today to see how we can help you.

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