Comparing the most popular colours for bathroom flooring

Comparing the most popular colours for bathroom flooring | How to choose the best bathroom floor tile colours

Porcelain floor tiles have remained consistently popular throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. Due to their non-porous nature, porcelain tiles are highly durable and consist of strong stain and water-resistant properties. It’s what makes porcelain tiles perfect for bathrooms! But, with a variety of styles and patterns available, it can be difficult to choose the right colour scheme for your bathroom floor.

In this guide, we will explore our range of bathroom floor tiles, browse the most popular colours and shades, and help you find the most suitable style for your bathroom.

Choosing black and white bathroom floor tiles

No matter your style or preferences, we can all agree to black and white work anywhere. Popular in bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways, a monochrome colour scheme may never go out of fashion – making them a great investment for the future. Although black and white tiles were popularised in the Victorian era, with that classic checkerboard style, nowadays, black and white tiles come in a variety of patterns and modern designs.

When choosing black and white tiles, get creative with the layout! Why not create a classic or contemporary pattern? When using white or black tiles, don’t forget Fired Earth has grout that comes in 50 shades from a classic white grout to much brighter shades.

Interested in black and white tiles?

Recommended range:

Rimini Black Bathroom Floor Tile

Shop the Rimini Black here.

Available in five colours, including black and white, the Rimini range is a stone effect porcelain collection. Each tile has a delicate veining detail, which adds to their authenticity.

Shop the entire Rimini range here.

Interested in different black and white tile designs?

Recommended range:

Kelly Hoppen black and white tile design

Kelly Hoppen CBE is one of the most sought-after designers and is best known for her subtle fusion of symmetrical lines and neutral shades in her designs. Her recent collaboration with Fired Earth is no exception! Each porcelain tile in the collection is available in Strip, Signature, Puzzle and Neutral styles.

Shop the entire Kelly Hoppen range here.

“[Neutrals] sets the tone and offers the perfect canvas to layer on personal touches and characteristics to define the space and make it unique.”

- Kelly Hoppen

At Fired Earth, we continue to work and collaborate with some of the biggest designers in the UK. Read through our stories, or contact our team today to find out more information.

Choosing neutral shades for a bathroom floor

Rather than choosing a stand-out feature, neutral-coloured floor tiles may instead complement other parts of the bathroom (using accented pops of colour). Shades such as beige, eggshell, light grey and sand are a great choice if you’re thinking of selling your home or know you’re planning to update the décor. Choosing the “blank canvas” that neutral-coloured floor tiles provide means you have a versatile floor that will stand the test of time.

Neutral floor tiles are much easier to hide any imperfections, compared to other flooring, where scuffs and marks may be more noticeable. They are also perfect for smaller bathrooms as they will give the illusion of space - choose a larger tile format to further optimise this look.

Recommended range:

Jerusalem stone bathroom floor tile

Available in Almond and Silver shades, our Jerusalem range gives the impression of Jerusalem stone, without the maintenance or cost. These cream-coloured limestone lookalike tiles will look great in whatever room they are used in.

Browse through the entire Jerusalem range here.

Choosing coloured bathroom floor tiles

Although many homeowners choose neutral and darker shades for their bathroom floors, coloured tiles are also a viable option. Colours can help make a room stand out and create visual interest. For example, using brightly coloured tiles for a wet room floor, can turn a utilitarian space into something way more special.

Coloured bathroom floor tiles may offer more personality to a space than neutral and monochrome tiles. Consider how you want to optimise the colour; for example, using block colours or a patterned tile that features a variety of shades.

Fired Earth sell bathroom floor tiles in a wide range of bright colours, including blue, green, red and pink. We also work with some of the best designers to create unique and elegant patterns for our tile ranges.

Nina Campbell, one of the world’s most influential interior designers, and has collaborated with Fired Earth to design patterned and plain tiles that perfectly complement her signature style. Our Nina Campbell range is perfect for bathroom floor tiles, and uses popular colours aqua, coral and indigo.

Shop the entire Nina Campbell range here.

“It was interesting thinking about which colours work in tiles and which don’t. We wanted to create some tiles that are just two colours and some that are multi-coloured.”

- Nina Campbell

Choosing metallic and iridescent bathroom floor tiles

Metal and iridescent tiles can add texture to a room, something different to plain or patterned tiles. They add rich tones and even a sense of warmth in otherwise dark areas. Especially in bathrooms, metallic tiles can help a floor stand out and create a natural shimmer in the aesthetic.

Metallics are incredibly popular right now and, with various tiles available, can be chosen to fit different types of styles and colour schemes. Popular metallic shades include copper and iron.

Recommended range:

Patina Nickel Tile

Shop the Patina Nickel here.

Our Patina range consists of beautiful tiles that offer a shimmer when used on walls or floors. Available in Sand, Nickel, and Iron, these metallic tiles can be used to great effect on a bathroom floor.

Browse through the entire Patina range here.

Finding the right colour scheme

With the variety of bathroom floor and wall tiles available, homeowners should consider certain aspects before deciding on a colour. Consider the size of the bathroom – as a small bathroom may benefit from lighter shades. Also, where are the tiles going to be used? If you are wanting one area to stand out, such as a shower or wet room floor, consider patterned tiles to add personality.

If you are still struggling with finding the right colour for your floor tiles, why not seek professional help with your bathroom design?

Fired Earth offer a bespoke design service that can help visualise the final outcome before you buy any tiles. Perfect for choosing a colour scheme for a bathroom floor and to help maximise your space. With years of experience in tiles and design, we can help you find the right tiles for your home – where possible, our tiles are handmade, and all are designed to stand the test of time.

Our tile collections include a variety of floor and wall tiles, including stone effect, marble effect and wood effect tiles. We also provide paint to match the bathroom tiles you choose. Discover our paint collection here.

Contact Fired Earth today, or visit us at one of our showrooms.

Comparing the different tile effects for bathroom floors