Designers Guild | The Designer Collection

Designers Guild | The Designer Collection

Our latest designer collaboration has landed and it’s all about colour and pattern…

Tricia Guild OBE – the creative force behind Designers Guild – has been at the forefront of interior design since founding the company in the early 1970s. Known and loved internationally for her passion for colour, pattern and texture, Tricia has been setting the pace for decades with her dynamic, innovative and instantly recognisable collections. 

At Fired Earth we’ve long been huge fans of Tricia’s distinctive designs, which is why we’re thrilled to be launching this incredibly special collaboration. 

We caught up with Tricia and James Sirett from Fired Earth to find out more about the collection and the inspiration behind the designs… 

How did the collaboration come about?

JS: We’ve always loved Tricia’s work and we love teaming up with inspiring designers and brands, so a Fired Earth / Designers Guild collaboration just made complete sense. Once we began chatting about it, there was no question it would turn into a great collection.  

TG: I was delighted when Fired Earth contacted us to explore the possibility of a collaboration.

What made you feel you wanted to design tiles?

TG: Designers Guild has always been a lifestyle – I’ve always envisaged the brand as a way of life, rather than separate commodities that go into an interior. Over the years we’ve introduced many ranges that complement our fabrics and wallpapers, including furniture, rugs, bed and bath, paint, cushions, throws and home fragrance, so tiles were a logical step.

JS: Many of Tricia’s designs are soft, such as fabrics, so it was a natural next step to take her designs on to the hard, more structured surface of tiles. Tiles offer a permanency that lends itself well to timeless and striking designs.  

 “Fired Earth are known as the leader in their field and their expertise and know-how is well known. I felt they would understand our aesthetic.”

How did you get the colour palette just right?

TG: Having worked with colour for many years, I suppose this is an area that we are well versed in! Using colour is second nature to me.

JS: Blues and greens are always hugely popular in our collections and, taking inspiration from Tricia’s designs, we worked hard to accurately colour-match them. The range is a mix of classic Designers Guild looks as well as more contemporary styles, such as the gorgeous modern tie-dye pattern of Shibori. 

How did you narrow down the designs from your extensive collection?

TG: It’s always difficult editing but I’m used to it and it is a vital part of the process. Our feeling was to create a first collection that was easy to use and versatile enough to work in a variety of situations. I think these three designs set the right tone while also hinting at the artistry we are known for.

Where and how would you envisage people using the tiles?

JS: Hallways are a great place to use statement tiles, but these ranges are very versatile so can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms, through either a splash of colour on a feature wall through to a whole floor. Plus, they can also be used outdoors – with the correct installation they’re frost proof. 

Are there fabrics/wallpaper from your collection you think work well with the tiles?

TG: All three designs are based on fabric or wallpaper designs that we know people love – Jaal was one of the first designs I ever created and was based on an Indian block print. Going through our collections, there are so many options to create your own individual style using these tiles and our products.

What are the most important points to consider before choosing patterns for a home? 

TG: The simplest one is choose what you like! Are you floral or abstract, geometric or do you prefer something plainer? Trust your instinct and go with what you really love rather than be swayed by what other people deem to be tasteful or stylish. Being true to your own individual style is what makes design worthwhile. We use moodboards to collate ideas for our clients and edit throughout the process.

As well as launching the tile collection with Fired Earth, Kelly is working on a host of exciting projects all around the world, from private homes to hotels and yachts. 

“No two days are the same when it comes to design. It’s all very exciting. I also have one or two things launching next year that I can’t actually discuss yet but will be able to soon.”


Shibori was created in the Designers Guild studio using techniques inspired by the ancient Japanese art of tie-dyeing. Geometric, yet with a softness offering real soul and integrity.


Laterza is inspired the glamour of the 1920s. This elegant geometric design of a classical trellis form is both sleek and characterful. A stylish, graphic look perfectly at home in all settings.


Jaal is one of the original designs from Village, the very first collection by Designers Guild. The look is derived from a timeless small-scale Indian block print motif in two colour tones.


We’re thrilled with the results of this incredibly special collaboration.