Hearth of the home

Hearth of the home

Turn a fireplace into a stunning focal point by choosing the perfect tiles. As the nights draw in, thoughts turn to cosying up for winter and nothing encourages snuggling up more than a beautiful fireplace.

Tiles are a hugely important element of fireplace design. There are no real rules about how far you go with tiling, so you can turn an entire wall into a tiled feature and have the fireplace nestling in the middle. You can tile a hearth that comes further into the room than you might expect or you can even tile a corner to create a striking look.

Magnificent Marble

When choosing tiles for a fireplace ensure those you have in mind are suitable for fireplaces and hearths since heat can cause cracks, melt adhesives, and damage glazes, while smoke can discolour tiles. Even suitable tiles should be kept a minimum of 30cm away from direct contact with flames or the main heat source.

Fabulous Forecast

Glazed tiles are always a great addition wherever they’re used and our Forecast range is a case in point. The tiles are contemporary but timeless and have an artisan, slightly rustic feel.

They’re made in Spain and are named for the seascapes the colours remind us of. From the creamy soft pink of Lundy to the bold and lustrous blue of Bailey, there's something for every room and the excellent price point means these tiles are perfect for areas large or small.

Perfect Paris

The shape of these hand-made and hand-decorated tiles makes gives a visual texture that’s perfect for breaking up a white scheme.

Used on splashbacks or feature walls they create real drama in a space and have a look with real longevity.


Tiles from our Onda collection are crafted in a small artisan studio and particular care is taken with how the glaze pools on the surface of each tile.

They come in formats designed to never go out of fashion and in stunning colourways to fall in love with.

East Hampton marble 

Elegant and stylish, East Hampton marble takes a scheme to a new level wherever you use it. Marble is cool and clean and a hardwearing, dense and durable stone that has real longevity. This collection is made up of a variety of styles so you can achieve an interesting look that’s unique to you.


Beautiful, elegant, cool grey-veined white marble. A hard wearing, very dense and durable stone. 


Beautiful, elegant, cool grey-veined black marble. A hard wearing, very dense and durable stone.

The true beauty of terracotta

When we first started out, we began by selling terracotta. In fact, the word literally translates to mean fired earth. So it’s no wonder we still adore their timeless appeal.

You can use them on walls or floors and choose from either new or reclaimed. Whichever way you go, you’re sure to achieve a look that lasts.

Pretty and practical

Abbey tiles are inspired by the decorative floors popular in the Victorian era and this ceramic tile is a low-maintenance alternative to the traditional encaustic floor tiles.

Designed to look just as striking, these tiles are also super-practical for high traffic areas.

Sizzling Sorrento

Another porcelain tile – this time inspired by the famous town which faces the Bay of Naples – the Sorrento collection has a mid-century vibe, meaning the tiles will ll never go out of style. They’re designed to add depth, pattern and drama to any space.

The heart of your home

The most important thing is to choose tiles that you’ll love for years to come and that bring a smile to your face when you see them. As most fireplaces occupy a small area, here’s a place you can make a real style statement and opt for designs that are uplifting and beautiful.