New arrivals: Porcelain tiles with enduring appeal

New arrivals: Porcelain tiles with enduring appeal  

We’ve just launched a range of marble-effect porcelain tiles in a variety of formats. These new tiles offer broad appeal – they come in a number of sizes, styles and colourways, including large formats. With the timeless appeal of natural stone combined with the low-maintenance practicality of porcelain, our latest collections will be perfectly at home wherever you choose to use them.

They’re available in a variety of sizes and eye-catching finishes – including matt and gloss styles and large formats – so offer endless opportunities for creating spectacular walls and floors.

Why large format works

Large tiles are a mainstay of interior design because they have a number of practical and aesthetic benefits. Offering a sleek appearance with less interruption, their contemporary look is perfect for larger bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Fewer grout lines make for a continuous and seamless look which makes spaces appear larger.  

The practical appeal of porcelain

Durability and easy maintenance are the key benefits of porcelain tiles. They don’t require sealing and can be cleaned easily, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. Plus, the diverse range of designs makes them ideal for all styles of interior. Porcelain is less porous than other materials, meaning it’s great for areas where moisture is an issue such as bathrooms and kitchens. 


Available in five colourways – ranging from light and airy to dark and dramatic – Volterra tiles are inspired by a stunning cathedral floor in Tuscany and are available in matt or gloss finishes...or why not combine the two.  


Available in eight versatile colourways – including a rich, sumptuous green and dramatic black – the Lucca collection commands attention in the best possible way. This stunning replica marble is ideal for creating everything from classic checkerboard floors to seamless wet room-style bathrooms.


Crafted to evoke the timeless elegance of 1930s Italian marble interiors, these tiles are available in two neutrals and a visually arresting blue. Characterised by remarkably authentic-looking veining, the tiles will be completely at home with natural materials such as wood and metallics. 


The Onyx range is available in Ivory, Blue and Green and with a truly luxe feel, just like its natural namesake. With dramatic swirling veins, the tiles are reminiscent of invigorating seascapes, making them a particularly perfect choice for bathrooms.


This collection offers hyper-realistic marble-effect tiles in stunningly patterned black, white and a blue that offers dramatic patterns reminiscent of the ocean. 


This range offers exactly what its name suggests. The tiles – which come in natural lighter stone shades, as well as a highly patterned black that offers a spectacular look – are designed to create a dramatic high-end, luxurious feel wherever they are used.


Calacatta Gold marble is known for its high-end distinctive look and its ability to elevate any room in which it is used. Our porcelain lookalike version has the same distinctive grey and gold veining and has anti-slip properties, meaning it’s as practical as it is beautiful. 

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Interiors have the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and transport us to different places and times. Whether you're redesigning your whole home or just seeking inspiration for a small update, these collections promise a blend of history, luxury and artistry.